Audience Policies of the State Academic Mariinsky Theatre State Federal Budgetary Cultural Organisation

Dear Guests,
We appreciate your interest in the performances at the State Academic Mariinsky Theatre. Please note the following essential guidelines for an enjoyable theatre experience:

1. Ticket Purchase and Conduct: By purchasing a ticket, you acknowledge and agree to our theatre guidelines. It is essential to maintain a respectful atmosphere in the theatre.

COVID-19 Precautions: To ensure everyone's safety and in response to ongoing health concerns in St Petersburg, we request guests to adhere to the current health and safety guidelines. From May 27, 2022, wearing masks within the theatre is recommended but not mandatory.

2. Presenting Your Ticket: On the day of the performance:
  • If you purchased your ticket at our box office please present the official paper ticket.
  • If you bought your ticket online present either a printed pdf version or show it on your electronic device screen. Please note, tickets in unofficial formats, such as photos or scanned copies, won't be accepted. In such cases, entry might be denied without a refund.

3. Changes in Performance: Occasionally, there might be changes in the cast due to unforeseen circumstances. We reserve the right to make these changes without prior notice. These changes do not qualify for ticket refunds.

4. Ticket Refunds: For details about ticket refunds, please refer to our User Agreement on our website:

. If you have purchased a ticket through an authorized agent, please contact them directly for any refund inquiries.

5. Ticket Modifications: Please ensure that your ticket remains in its original form. Any alterations or concealment of ticket details render it invalid. Entry will be denied, and no refund will be provided in such cases.

6. Special Event Tickets: For certain events, identification might be required. This could include the full name details on the ticket or season pass. Kindly check our website for specifics about such events.

7. Nominal Tickets and Season Passes: Entrance to specific events requires nominal tickets or nominal season passes. Attendees must present ID that matches the name on their ticket or pass. The list of valid ID forms is determined by the appropriate federal executive authority. If there is a discrepancy between the details on the ticket or season pass and the presented ID or if there are any alterations to the ticket or pass details, entrance will be denied. No ticket cost will be refunded.

8. Theatre Property and Conduct: While at the theatre, patrons are expected to treat the Theatre property with care and follow public order and fire safety regulations. Any damages caused will be charged to the responsible parties as per the Russian Federation legislation. If you misplace your coat check ticket, please contact our cloakroom service staff and the theatre’s on-duty administrator. Should you lose any personal items, notify the theatre's on-duty administrator immediately.

9. Performance Details: For information regarding performance timings, locations, cast changes, or rescheduling, you can inquire at the Mariinsky Theatre box office, call our helpline at +7 812 326 41 41, or visit our official website at under the “Schedule” section.

10. Theatre Tickets and Age Restrictions: Theatre tickets are valid for one person regardless of age. In compliance with the Federal Law of December 29, 2010, No. 436-FZ "On protecting children from information harmful to their health and development," we urge you to verify the age restriction for each performance to ensure the safety of younger attendees. This information is available on our posters, official website, and purchased tickets. Minors under fourteen years (referred to as "children") are only allowed into the theatre auditorium with accompanying adults (parents or legal representatives).

Accompanying adults are responsible for any violations regarding the protection of children from harmful information and for ensuring children adhere to these guidelines.
They must ensure that children maintain proper behavior during the performance, including staying quiet, remaining in their designated seat, and not disturbing other patrons or causing damage to the theatre property or other patrons' belongings.
If the theatre staff or administrators identify any misconduct by a child during a performance, they may request the accompanying adult to ensure the child's adherence to proper conduct.

11. Entry Timing and Services: Theatre doors open for patrons no earlier than one hour before the start of the performance (or concert). Patrons will be allowed into the auditorium after the first bell. Entry into the auditorium is prohibited after the third bell. Latecomers, when possible, may be seated in an available spot suggested by the usher and can move to their ticketed seats during the intermission. For concerts in smaller chambers, the entry is permitted no earlier than 30 minutes before the performance begins.

12. Electronic Devices: All communication devices, including mobile phones, must be turned off during the performance.

13. Recording and Intellectual Property: In accordance with Russian Federation legislation, performances (including concerts and other events) of the theatre are intellectual properties of the Theatre and other involved entities. To protect copyright and related rights, photographing, filming, video recording, or any kind of audio recording of performances or their parts is strictly prohibited without specific permission from the Theatre's administration. Individuals found engaging in unauthorized recording may be denied attendance at the performance or event. In such cases, tickets will not be refunded.

14. Auditorium Entry Restrictions: Entry into the auditorium is not allowed for individuals:
  • Wearing outerwear or clothing that is soiled or emits unpleasant odors; 
  • Carrying beverages or food; 
  • Holding flowers; 
  • Under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

15. Upon entering the Theatre, we require all patrons to be respectful and adhere to the guidance given by our theatre representatives, including ticket inspectors at the entrance. Our security team will be using metal detectors, handheld scanners, and X-ray machines as part of routine safety measures.

Should a patron refuse to undergo these security procedures, the Theatre management reserves the right to decline admission.
To ensure a safe and pleasant viewing experience for everyone, we request patrons not to bring any of the following items inside:
 – Bulky items including but not limited to suitcases, large bags and items (over 50х50х30 cm), or musical instruments;
 – Personal mobility devices like scooters, skateboards, roller skates, and strollers and other similar items.
 – Alcoholic beverages and illicit drugs;
 – Weapons or sharp and bladed objects;
 – Flammable, explosive, toxic, odorous, or radioactive materials and substances;
 – Devices with pyrotechnic capabilities;
 – Laser lights or pointers;
 – Any pets and animals;

The Theatre reserves the right to deny entry to any individual possessing the items and materials mentioned in the above guidelines, without any refund of the ticket price.

Respectful Behavior Requests: We kindly ask you to:
  • Not cross any barriers or open windows; 
  • During a performance, avoid sitting or standing in the aisles and on the stairs. Always sit in the seats allocated to you as per your tickets. This ensures a comfortable and safe viewing experience for everyone; 
  • Not enter technical or other areas that are off-limits to patrons; 
  • Refrain from writing, sticking posters or other promotional materials, displaying signs or any other symbols promoting racial, social, national, or religious hatred, or encouraging violence; 
  • Not engage in selling or distributing tickets, or conduct guided tours inside the Theatre premises; 
  • Avoid using audio equipment with amplification, and refrain from singing, dancing, or playing musical instruments inside the Theatre; 
  • Not wear clothes that might soil, or carry items/products that could stain other patrons.

Behavior Expectations: Patrons are expected to treat the Theatre's administration and staff with respect. Any form of disruptive behavior, including foul language, aggressive actions, creating noise, or using items that disturb other patrons, is strictly forbidden. If a patron behaves disruptively, the Theatre's administration has the right to require them to leave, and if they do not comply, to have them removed from the premises.

16. Presenting Flowers: According to our Theatre's protocol, flowers for performers are handed over by the ushers after the performance. If you bring a bouquet, please hand it to the ushers in advance and inform them of the intended recipient.

17. No Smoking Policy: In line with the Federal Law dated 23.02.2013 N 15-FZ "On protecting the health of citizens from the effects of environmental tobacco smoke and the consequences of tobacco consumption", smoking inside the Theatre is prohibited.

18. Feedback & Complaints: Every stage at the Mariinsky Theatre has a Complaints and Suggestions Book available upon request from the duty administrator at any time. In case of any issues, you can approach the duty administrator or put your concerns in writing and submit them to the head of the administrative service.

Enforcement: Individuals failing to adhere to the established rules, disturbing the public order, or posing threats to the safety and health of others may be escorted out by the Theatre's Security Service. Depending on the severity of the misconduct, the Theatre's administration may either issue a warning or hand the individual over to the police for appropriate action.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in maintaining the decorum and ambiance of the State Academic Mariinsky Theatre!

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